Give to Yourself. Give to the World.

Each kit sold automatically provides 45 gifts to those in need and helps us achieve our goal of #ONEMILLIONGIFTS

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

It’s simple for a reason.

Can giving yourself better health, vitality and prosperity change your life? Can giving gifts to meaningful charitable causes help change the world? We think so! We started Purely GivingTM to provide high-quality, results-driven products to people worldwide, all the while giving to the world. Our goal is to purely give in excess of #ONEMILLIONGIFTS a year through our charitable partners, including global partner B1G1.

Through B1G1, each kit sold automatically provides 45 gifts of health to those in need, such as a month’s supply of clean drinking water, a week’s worth of seeds for agricultural crops, vitamins too malnourished children and empowers women to start their own home-based businesses in third world countries.

1 Kit = 45 Gifts. It’s that simple.

Our goal is to purely give in excess of 1,000,000 gifts a year through our charitable partners.

World-Class Leadership

Experienced founder Brad Woodgate guides the way to Purely GivingTM.

When people look to become part of something meaningful, they want to find a track record of success, proven leadership and a culture they can connect with. That’s what Brad Woodgate brings to Purely GivingTM with his 17 years of experience as the founder and CEO of a leading North American nutraceutical company.

Brad has dedicated his life to healthy living and now wants to fulfill his life goal of giving back to those in need.

Our Giving Mission

Provide #ONEMILLIONGIFTS per year to charitable causes worldwide.

Our mission is simple. Give over #ONEMILLIONGIFTS every year to charitable partners both worldwide and right in our own backyard. Through our main giving partner B1G1 we are fortunate to be able to provide the gift of better health through clean drinking water, seeds for crops, vitamins and even education to at-risk children and young women. Together we are building a business for a good community and we know we can make a lasting impact for all.

1 Kit Sold Automatically Provides 45 Gifts to Those in Need.

Give to Yourself—the Time is Now

With these products and tools, the time could not be better.

Purely GivingTM is here at a time when virtual, home-based businesses have never been more mainstream or lucrative. This demand for entrepreneurship has made network marketing the business of the 21st century. A need for high-quality, results-based wellness products coupled with the surge in social media reach makes this an opportunity like never before.

World-Class Leadership

World-Class Leadership

Partnering with Purely GivingTM now could make all the difference.
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